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How It Got Started

The Story

What are societal concerns that make you cringe? For me, it is Domestic Violence. I started this campaign as interactive experience to help combat intimate partner violence by educating our online community, making resources assessible and providing a safe place to to talk about it all.   Everyone can give a helping hand by during the minimal (becoming informed on the issue, sharing with others) and the most (Donating towards the cause, Advocating for reform, reporting a disturbance, and/or sharing your story.

What is Domestic Violence?

A pattern of manipulative abusive behaviors that can be done physically, verbally, and psychologically to control the victim which usually is a partner or spouse but it can be anyone in the household such as a child or elder whom is the subject of abuse. 


I would like to help people recognize when they are in a cycle of being abused, so that they recognize the patterns and get help. I also hope to inform people that aren't familiar with the issue and to encourage those that have experienced with sincere support.  Advocacy for those without a voice is a major priority for "".

Helping Hands
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