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What it looks like

Intimate Partner Violence

Verbal abuse + Yelling to intimidate a partner + Using inappropriate language to embarrass or humiliate a partner + Not talking to a partner or “freezing them out” Emotional abuse + Insults + Putdowns + Unpredictable behaviors + Denying previous abusive incidents + Withholding affection + Constantly criticizing or focusing on perceived shortcomings or mistakes Isolation + Preventing a partner from having contact with family and friends + Not allowing a partner to leave the house + Not allowing a partner to have a job Intimidation and threats + Making a partner feel “lower” than the other + Threatening violence against a partner, partner’s family, or partner’s friends + Purposeful embarassment + Verbal threats of violence + Physical conduct (such as hand gestures or raised fists) + Causing alarm, fright, or dread in another person + Destroying property + Hurting pets Stalking and surveillance + Obsessive attention + Following a partner in person or monitoring them by GPS + Unwanted intrusions and communications + Sending unwanted gifts. Sexual abuse + Sexual assault + Involuntary sexual acts + Inappropriate touching + Forcing a partner to watch or perform in pornography + Sending friends, family, or co-workers sexual photographs

Physical violence + Intentional use of physical force or power + Kicking, biting, pushing, punching, or strangling Financial control + Withholding a partner’s paycheck + Attempting to control a partner’s money + Using a partner’s name to open an account + Forging signatures on loans + Not allowing a partner to work at all

- Cambridge Public Health Department

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